My research interest is centered on developing system-level understanding of complex human diseases. In particular, I am interested in investigating transcriptional and post-translational gene regulation and human diseases involving high-dimensional data sets using computational and mathematical/statistical approaches. I also develop methods for analyzing large-scale biological data.

The specific areas I am interested in are:
  • Gene expression dynamics
  • Machine learning applied to biological data
  • Network structure and dynamics
  • Protein-DNA interactions and other genetic interactions

Some problems I worked on in the past:
  • Deterministic models using ordinary differential equations applied to circadian clock in Drosophila
  • Sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation of biochemical kinetic models applied to circadian clock in Drosophila
  • Stochastic models using stochastic differential equations applied to a viral infection process
  • Parameter estimation of stochastic differential equations (both for linear and nonlinear)